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Application of gas chromatography in the food industry

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 This is an article about Application of gas chromatography in the food industry. If you are interested, please contact us!

Food is the most important thing for human survival. Food nutrition and food safety are major issues in the world today, so food analysis plays a key role. Food analysis involves nutrient analysis and food additive analysis. In both aspects, gas chromatography can take advantage of it. Important nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars can be analyzed by GC. There are more than a thousand kinds of food additives, many of which can be detected by GC. The application of chromatographic gas chromatography china techniques in food analysis is almost synchronous with the history of chromatography.

Chromatography separates closely related substances and separates complex mixtures containing hundreds of components. The advantages are as follows: the separation speed is fast, the separation and analysis of complex materials can be completed in a few minutes to tens of minutes; the sensitivity is high, and the content of 10-3 g can be detected; the application range is wide and can be used for almost all The separation and determination of compounds, including inorganic, organic, low molecular or high molecular compounds, and even biologically active biomacromolecules can also be separated and determined; A single separation and measurement can be done with very few samples.
In the past 20 years, gas chromatograph technology has expanded to the field of food analysis research at an alarming rate, and many new chromatographic techniques have entered the practical stage. In the near future, gas chromatograph technology will be more widely used in the food field gas chromatography china.

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