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What are the styles of the autosampler needle?

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The chromatographic auto-injector is a fixed pusher that is made of stainless steel and can be manually and accurately inserted into the glass needle to achieve a good seal of the liquid. This injection is ideal for homogeneous samples that do not precipitate and do not react with the glass. However  2ml autosampler vials, the push rods are not interchangeable and cannot be replaced after damage.

The airtight syringe pusher head is made of PTFE material for good sealing and is resistant to most corrosive liquids. The sample inside the needle can be pushed out during the operation. This feature is useful for viscous or multi-phase samples because it reduces the scrapping of the syringe due to sticking of the pusher to the viscous sample. For most PTFE needle syringes, the chromatographic autosampler provides a replaceable pusher assembly.

According to the needs of the sample and the experiment  2ml autosampler vials, choose whether to use a micro-needle or a gas-tight syringe. Generally, a liquid sample can be selected as a micro-needle or a gas-tight syringe. For a gas sample, a gas-tight syringe is generally selected. The airtight syringe uses Teflon's putter, so it is more airtight. Select the volume of the syringe according to the volume of the injection: the volume of the chromatograph autosampler that can be accurately injected is 10% of the large scale of the syringe. For example, the syringe with a large scale of 100 μl can accurately inject the sample. The small size of zui is 10 microliters. Choose a fixed needle syringe or a replaceable needle syringe depending on your needs. Generally speaking, customers who are familiar with chromatograph autosampler operation recommend using a fixed needle. For beginners, a replaceable needle is recommended. Select the type of syringe needle: general gas phase selection type 2 needle is pointed, liquid phase is selected type 3 needle, flat head

Chromatography automatic syringe needle style  2ml autosampler vials

1. Dedicated round-shaped needle that can withstand multiple injections and is used exclusively on the autosampler syringe.

2. There is no intermediate part of the needle with a bevel, it is recommended to use on the injection septum. Only the 26s–22 needle is suitable for use in the gas chromatograph injection septum.

3. Flat-ended syringe for HPLC injection valves and sample pipettes. 4.10–12° beveled needle for life science applications. 5. Round-shaped needle with a hole on one side for septum injection, and a positive vinyl plastic needle to reduce damage to the septum 2ml autosampler vials.

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