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What to pay attention to before and after using the autosampler

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  This is an article about What to pay attention to before and after using the  autosampler. If you are interested, please contact us!

The chromatographic auto-injection needle GC autosampler vials can be divided into a round-shaped needle needle, a bevel needle, and a flat needle according to the appearance of the needle. Round-shaped needle for septum injection, which can reduce the damage to the septum, withstand multiple injections, mainly used on the autosampler; beveled needle, can be used on the injection septum, easy to inject into the operation The 26s–22 needles are suitable for use in gas chromatograph injection septa; flat-ended syringes are used primarily on high performance liquid chromatograph injection valves and sample pipettes.

Before using the chromatographic autosampler, check that the syringe is intact and then clean the sample 5 times to eliminate the residue from the previous sample. When the sample solution is taken, the needle tip is immersed in the sample solution to repeatedly perform the extraction and ejection operation to prevent the occurrence of bubbles in the syringe. After extracting the solution, when measuring the solution volume GC autosampler vials, the syringe should be tilted perpendicular to the horizontal and then aligned with the tick mark. After zui, the needle tip is wiped with paper or the like which does not produce fine fibers, and then injected.
The syringe must be cleaned after using the chromatographic autosampler. For the solvent used to clean the syringe, the solvency of the residual material must be considered. Usually, pure water or acetone is used. If the residue is difficult to clean with pure water or acetone, it can be treated with an ultrasonic cleaner. The whole cleaning of the syringe must be washed with warm water and non-alkaline-phosphorus-free detergent. Extract it with pure water or acetone GC autosampler vials, push it out for a short time, then let it dry in the air. Do not use high temperature. Dry; clean the core rod with a clean cloth after cleaning, check whether the core rod is bent, and then put it back into the syringe; the cleaning method of the injection needle is to fill the syringe with the solvent for cleaning, and push the core rod firmly In, when paying attention to cleaning the needle, pay special attention to whether the needle eye is clogged.

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