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Can Chromatography Make Smell-O-Vision Possible

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“Wouldn’t it be cool if they had smell-o-vision?” — It’s something we’ve all thought or even said at some point. OK, maybe not everyone. Either way, it looks like the fantasy invention could become a reality thanks to chromatography analysis and one company’s recent patent approval. Read on as we look at how TVs can work with yet another one of our senses Chromatography vials.
When most people talk about merging TVs and smells, they think about smelling what we see. Imagine, watching your favourite TV chef and being able to smell what they’ve cooked. Unfortunately, that’s not the direction that’s been taken. Instead, Rovi Guides will be looking to create TVs that can smell their surrounding environment.

The patented system will use a so-called scent mode to test the smells of a room. This is done using a range of “electronic noses”, including chemical sensors, biosensors, gas chromatography analysis systems and mass-spectrometer systems. Find out more about mass-spectrometry in the article ‘MS Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation Sources: Their Use and Applicability’Chromatography vials.
After detecting and identifying smells, the system will use them to tailor adverts for users. So, it could detect the smell of pizza, and recommend adverts for other fast food – or just more pizza. Alternatively, it might detect pets and recommend pet toys or pet food. Of course, there’s always a worry that it would recommend air freshener for some viewers, which might be hard to take…

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