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Gas Chromatography Sample Size and Injection Technology

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  This is an article about Gas Chromatography Sample Size and Injection Technology. If you are interested, please contact us!

Injection Technology One-tenth Principle in Gas Chromatography  2ml Gas Chromatography vials True gas chromatography begins with the sample entering the column. The development of capillary gas chromatography has led to many practical problems in injection technology. On-column injection techniques are mostly used for packed columns and not for capillary columns. The injection technique in a capillary gas chromatograph should meet the following two conditions: the injection volume must not exceed the column capacity; the plug flow width after injection should be small compared to the sample broadening caused by the unfolding process.

2ml Gas Chromatography vials 

If this requirement is not met, the separation capacity of the column will decrease. A general rule is that the volume injected, Vinj, and the volume of the detector, Vdet, should be only one-tenth the volume of the sample containing the portion of the analyte that exits the column. [4] The following are some general requirements that should be met by an excellent injection technique: the column should be able to achieve its optimum separation efficiency; for a small number of representative (typical) samples, the injection should be accurate and Reproducibility; can not change the sample composition (for substances with different boiling point, polarity, concentration and thermodynamic stability, there should be no difference in the injection process); should be applicable to both trace analysis and concentration Larger sample. 
2ml Gas Chromatography vials 

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