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Overview of Gas Chromatography Injection System

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In gas chromatograph analysis, a wide variety of injection systems are required due to differences in sample status, sample composition, sample performance, sample content, column, analytical purpose, and analytical requirements. The structure of the injection system, the material of the injection system, the injection method, the temperature at the injection, Agilent HPLC vials the injection time, the injection volume, the injection tool, the accuracy and repeatability of the injection, etc., all produce qualitative and quantitative results for gas chromatography. Direct impact, the injection system is one of the main sources of error in gas chromatograph analysis.
In view of the above, it is not possible to attempt to meet all of the injection requirements using a sample introduction system. At present, there are many types of sample introduction systems for gas chromatographs. In addition to general sample injectors, such as gas, liquid, solid, and mixed states, there are also high-pressure injection, high-speed injection, high-precision injection, and large Special injection system for volume injection, headspace injection, thermal desorption injection and solid phase microextraction injection. Regardless of the structural characteristics or the scope of application, gas chromatograph injection systems can be roughly divided into two categories: packed column injection system and capillary column injection system.Agilent HPLC vials

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Overview of Gas Chromatography Injection System
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