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What is headspace analysis?

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The headspace sampler and gas chromatograph headspace vials manufacturer are connected by a dedicated nine-core interface. All parameters can be placed by the host. The headspace sampler is a measure of residual solvent. It is mainly determined by steaming out the residual solvent in the material under high temperature conditions and then performing headspace analysis.

The headspace analysis measures the content of these components in the original sample by the gas composition above the sample matrix. Obviously, this is an indirect analytical method. The basic theoretical basis is that there is a distribution between the gas phase and the condensed phase under certain conditions. Balance. Therefore, the composition of the gas phase can reflect the composition of the condensed phase. We can consider the headspace analysis as a gas phase extraction method. Therefore, headspace analysis is an ideal method for sample purification.

As an analytical method, the headspace analysis is simple. It only takes the gas phase for analysis, which greatly reduces the interference of the sample matrix on the analysis. As the sample processing method for analysis, the headspace is the easiest. Secondly, the headspace analysis headspace vials manufacturer  has Different modes can be adapted to various samples by optimizing the operating parameters. Third, the sensitivity of the headspace analysis can meet the requirements of the regulations. After the Zui, combined with the quantitative analysis capability, the headspace can fully perform the correct quantitative analysis.

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